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Charity Selection Process

How will the charity be chosen?

  • Members who wish to submit a charity for consideration must complete a Charity Nomination Form.
  • The form must be submitted at least one day prior to the event in order to be eligible for consideration.
  • Only members who have signed a Membership Form and who are current on their contributions may submit a charity for consideration.
  • Three charities will be drawn at the beginning of each event for presentation.
  • Sponsoring member(s) who submitted the selected charity should be ready to make a five-minute presentation about their nominated charity.
  • A 15-minute question and answer period will take place immediately following the three presentations and directly preceding member voting.

How will members vote?

  • Following the presentations, each eligible member will vote by ballot. The charity which receives the most votes will win the quarterly donation. All members are responsible for writing a check to the selected charity.
  • In case of a two-way tie, the members will vote again. If the second vote results in another tie, a charity will be randomly drawn by putting both names into a hat.
  • In case of a three-way tie, a charity will be randomly drawn by putting all three names in a hat.
  • Selected charities are not eligible to be considered for nomination for a period of one-year.
  • Checks are to be written directly to the local organization, not to the Bisman Power of 100. Your cancelled check is your receipt for tax purposes.

Presentation Tips

Please be prepared to discuss your charity informally for about five minutes. Below is a helpful list of things you may want to include in your presentation.

  • What is the name of the organization?
  • Where is the organization located?
  • What is the mission of the organization?
  • What is the purpose of the organization?
  • How would the organization benefit from receiving the donation?
  • How will the funds be used?
  • What percentage of their budget is used for administrative costs?
  • Where do they get their current funding?
  • What is their annual budget?
  • If chosen, to whom would the group make a check payable to?

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